Thursday, September 16, 2010

Internet and Tourism

Internet has been boom for the tourism industry and tourists worldwide. With the vast pool of information available it becomes easier for the tourists to plan their vacations and it also gives them options that never existed before. Earlier the travel agent was God. Whatever he suggested was the best. Today travelers can view the minutest details like the 360 degree view of the hotels/ airlines and even cities to decide their travel itinerary.

Online booking is another wonder that has enabled people to book their travel but also their stay, car rentals etc. Online air booking has made air travel easier and much more comfortable. All the major airlines have their individual websites plus there are also travel companies that provide one solution to the travelers. Hotel booking has also become very popular online. Hotel booking New York or hotel booking London or hotels booking Spain, you name the place and there would be a list of hotels in front of you.

Hotels booking New York or hotels booking London or Hotels booking Spain are still common because of these big cities. Internet would have information about hotels even in the smallest of places.

Internet has given rise to some of the biggest online travel companies. These are virtual company and one stop shop for all the travel needs. Transactions over these portals are secure and over a period of time these have developed good reputation and popularity amongst the travelers. Some standard travel packages are also available on these sites which a hit amongst the travelers. Internet has also facilitated marketing and advertisements in this industry.

Hotels booking New York, Hotels booking London, Hotels booking Spain etc are truly much easier now.

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