Sunday, November 6, 2011

Know More about New York Tourism

New York is the most populated city of US and large number of people visits New York to enjoy the beauty of America and their own holidays.  Reaching New York from all over the world is easy and that is mainly due to the reason that the New York is directly Inter linked with large number of capitals through airlines. In addition to airlines there are also cruses that linked the city with other cities and small islands. Generally, most of the people visit New York to see the statue of liberty which is one of the famous tourist spot in the world. Before the year 2001 the US was also famous for having the tallest building of the world as the terrorist activity in 2001 destroy the tallest building (world trade center) of that time. The statue of liberty is one of the most liked place of several tourists and they surely visit the there after reaching New York. Also large number of people visits New York every year to enjoy the beautiful buildings of the city. 

According to an estimate there is around 40 million tourists reached in New York in last six years. The empire state building is also the famous destinations of most of the tourists and the famous island Ellis as well.  Moreover there are places like central park, the New York museum of art and the Rockefeller center are also some of the place that play a great role in attracting tourists. There are several events organized in New York every year that also attracts the tourists and some of them include Tribeca film festival in which most of the film stars of US take part, so people visit to see their favorite starts. Also the Halloween parade is the famous event that is liked by most of the tourists.

The New York Botanical garden is quite popular in the world and large number of tourists visits there. If you are planning to visit the US in the upcoming holidays of yours then starting your holidays from the New York is a great idea. You can find book New York hotels very easily and quickly as there is large number of hotels in the city. Rather than just having luxury hotels the New York also have hotels that is affordable for almost everyone but that doesn’t mean that there is no required amount of facilities in them. You will get all the facilities in the hotels. 

Before reaching the New York if you forgot to book hotel in advance through internet then you can do it after reaching there also, but online booking New York hotels in advance is better as this helps you in saving time and you can book your favorite hotels through internet.  To book the hotel simply call the hotel, you will get the contact number from the websites of the hotel. Some hotels charge a portion of money in advance while some book those without taking advance from you. Get online for New York hotel booking.