Monday, July 1, 2013

Precautions To Be Taken By Women While Travelling Alone

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Women travelling alone have to be extra smart and take extra care of their safety. If your next holiday destination is Paris, there are certain points that you have to keep in mind while planning your holiday.

    The first point is to plan and decide for the hotel and stay. Before online hotel booking, have proper reviews and facilities provided by the hotel. Have proper research and go through with the reviews. Hotel bookings in Paris may cost you bit higher as compared to the booking at last moment.  

    Have a proper check on the escort facilities. It is essential for women to cross check with hotel owners about pick, drop facilities, meal for the day, etc.

    Keep your luggage as light as possible, by this you can move to places easily and quickly. Light packing will likely to have a free hand, make you less tired and you can keep the luggage with you without any trouble.

    Take special care of the valuables and avoid the stuff, which you would hate to lose. Better not to carry the stuff, which is expensive or valuable, if carrying, high care is essential.

    Keep the credit cards, passport and cash on different places. Do not keep them in one wallet, so those in cases if the wallet is lost and misplaced then you have other documents safe with you.

    Do not keep all of the money in one place. Small amount of money should be kept in a handy pocket for immediate purchases and big money should be kept on the safer and deeper place in between the luggage.

    Always stay connected to family members, friends, or someone trustworthy, so that you can contact them in an emergency.

    Remember you are alone and you don’t have to share or accept food or drink from the strangers. Do not let others know that you are alone and stay alone.

    Have a thorough research on the destinations you are planning to take on. It is important to have some knowledge about the place like its culture, lifestyle, etc. You can have surf the net, go through the magazines, and even ask the hotel staff about the place.

    Wear clothes that are light and make you comfortable. Your comfort level is very important, too tight clothes may make you lazy and stiff sometimes, which may ruin your travelling.

    Always keep your cell phones charged and note down the local emergency numbers of Paris, number of the place you are visiting and number of the hotel where you stay.

online hotel booking    Keep your favorite set of books or collection of songs or the things, which are of your interest. By this you can utilize your free time and will not get bored.

    Always carry a confidence look on face and if there are situations where you are afraid or worried then let it show in your body language or on the face.

    Leave the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door even if you are gone out of the hotel.
Keep the above points in mind and assure your trip to be safe and successful holiday trip.